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Perimenopause Clinic & Specialist Services

Are you becoming increasingly emotional, irritable anxious and sleep deprived? Is your mood all over the place and you can’t think straight or remember anything? Have your periods become increasingly erratic and unpredictable? Your perimenopause may have been dismissed by your GP, but as you know, your symptoms are very real. The Hormone Clinic understands the unravelling that can happen during perimenopause, and it is very treatable. Book an appointment now and we will get you back on track to happier hormone health.

Perimenopause typically starts in our late 30s although it can be earlier and often lasts several years. It is often accompanied by debilitating mental and physical symptoms and our integrated approach combines hormone therapy with psychiatric expertise to provide you with a personalised solution.


Hormonal Changes

Perimenopause often brings extreme fluctuation in hormones oestrogen and progesterone that affects mental and physical well-being. Progesterone starts to decline earlier than oestrogen leading to an imbalance and emotional symptoms can be severe.

Recognising The Symptoms

Symptoms of perimenopause may include:
Mood swings, irritability, anxiety, and depression and even thoughts of suicide. Physical symptoms may include hot flushes, night sweats, fatigue, weight gain and impaired libido.


Balancing Hormones, Restoring Mental Health

We prescribe Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) to rebalance hormones naturally and alleviate perimenopausal symptoms, including those affecting mental health.


Personalised Treatment Plans

We conduct detailed assessments to tailor treatment that may include BHRT, psychiatric interventions, and nutritional and lifestyle changes to address specific symptoms and enhance overall well-being.

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Empowering Through Knowledge

We will empower you with knowledge about perimenopause and its impact on mental health, enabling you to navigate this period confidently.

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Holistic Support

We will provide a nurturing environment where you will feel heard and empowered to prioritise your mental and physical well-being.

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If you believe you are experiencing perimenopausal symptoms or have concerns about hormonal imbalance and your mental health, please contact us as we really can help.