• All consultations will be remote via telephone or video link for the foreseeable future.
  • During lockdown, feedback from patients about remote assessments has been favourable. It allows assessment and treatment to occur from the comfort of your own home, reduces travel costs and allows patients to have access from all over the UK.
  • Once you have made a booking you will receive a questionnaire about your lifestyle and symptoms. This should be completed and emailed back before your appointment.

Initial Consultation

  • During this consultation I will take a detailed medical history, discuss your main symptoms and their impact on your life. I will also discuss relevant lifestyle factors.
    Blood tests required and further investigations will be arranged if indicated such as pelvic ultrasound or mammogram.

Second Follow Up Appointment

  • This will take place after about 6 weeks to give you time to get used to the treatment. I will discuss with you how things have been and how things have improved.
  • We may adjust the medication at this stage and it may be necessary for you to have more blood tests or other investigations if indicated.

First Follow Up Appointment

  • This will take place after about 10 days once your blood test results are available. I will discuss the results with you and explain their relevance to your condition. Your individual hormonal regime will then be prescribed as well as any supplements or other medication.

Further Follow Up Appointments

  • These will take place at 3-6 month intervals where I will review your progress and optimise your hormone balance by making any changes necessary.